Want to include your photo in thejumpbook.com?
Here are a few tips for taking photos:


When taking photos, your subject may be jumping straight off the ground or from an object like a bench or steps. Make sure that your subject is having fun and keeping safety in mind at all times. When jumping for the first time, watch for steep cliffs and make sure that your subject has plenty of headroom.

#2. Pick A Good Backdrop

While having a photo of a great jump is good, having an interesting background makes the photo even better. Using perspective to have your subject jump over a car or other object in the background can be a great idea. Using panoramic vistas in the background makes for a neat shot too.

#3. Get A Good Angle

Usually, a jump shot comes out best when the photographer is lower than the subject. Try kneeling or even laying on the ground for some interesting photos.

#4. Focus And Lighting

Taking photos in good lighting conditions is key. With most cameras, having good lighting means a faster shutter speed and fewer blurry pictures. You can also Pre-focus your image on most digital cameras by holding the shutter button half way. Pre-focusing helps capture your subject and not the background behind them.

#5. Timing Is Everything

Take the photo while your subject is at their peak. You may need to take several shots to get the best photo possible. Experience is the only way to learn the timing of jump photography.

#6. Send It To Us

We want to show off your best pictures. Send your photos to info@thejumpbook.com and be sure to include your name, where you are from, where the photo was taken and any other nifty details you want to include about your photographs.